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About Us

Started with a vision to emphasize the importance and beauty of Indian Traditional Folk Dances and encourage our students to achieve their fullest potential Nupura Dance Academy consistently strive to deliver the highest quality of dance training, while nurturing each student’s unique gift of talent and creativity. Support them as they grow as all-rounder personality with nourished body, mind and spirit. Nupura believes that ARTS truly enrich our life. Nupura provides wonderful performing opportunities and all students are encouraged to perform. Performing on stage in a group not only give them confidence, stage strength, coordination, presence of mind but also builds their team spirit and social bonding. One need not have to be a professional dancer or have any prior dancing experience to enjoy dancing at Nupura. Our classes are open to everyone.

Nupura believes that with right guidance, encouragement and a positive attitude, anyone can dance on the beat! At Nupura, dancing embraces fun by making it easy, enjoyable and educating experience with a commitment to the long-term development of our students. We also offer school holiday dance workshops where the students get the chance to learn various styles in shorter span of time.

Our Vision

An academy which incorporates the promotion of the beauty and importance of Indian Folk dances among youth through its artistic and creative excellence.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality dance teaching and choreography that motivates, inspires, energizes and teaches movement with rhythm, grace, expressions and flexibility.